Amberlyn Kennels was built, owned and is currently operated by Joseph and Deborah Simoldoni, who live on the 10-acre property, just 50 feet from the kennel.

"I was born an animal person," reflects Deborah. "My father owned a small hunting/training kennel where he trained English setters and pointers as well as beagles for himself and others. I helped take care of the dogs as soon as I was big enough to carry a food bowl. I spent many hours in the fields and woods of Maryland training and enjoying working with the dogs.

My mother was a very kind, loving and patient woman with only a few rules about our pets. Every pet must be kept spotlessly clean, given his own personal attention, and shown love and kindness everyday. There were always wide varieties of pets in my home. The variety ranged from cats, dogs and birds, to chinchillas, lizards, rabbits and fish. It was never a chore taking care of my pets, only a pleasure.

At the age of 10, I began working with a friend who bred and showed collies and poodles. Grooming, training and showing became my passion. She taught me to groom my first poodle at age 11 and around that time I started my own dog walking business. My friend enlarged her show kennel to include boarding, so I helped her out while she taught me everything she knew.

When Joe and I moved our family to Frederick in 1980 I couldnít find a boarding facility I was comfortable with. We decided to open Amberlyn Kennels in 1985 and focused on building a facility specifically designed for the health and comfort of the pets left in our care. Amberlyn Kennels was the first commercial boarding kennel to be built in this area.

Both of our children helped in the kennel and it is truly a family run business. We have also been happy to assist other kennels in getting started. Helping other kennels to set quality care standards is helping Frederick county pets and their owners. Because of the knowledge and experience that I have gathered over the years, I have been asked to serve Frederick County on several task forces concerning animal welfare.

I am currently serving on a committee to revise some of Frederickís animal welfare laws with the goal of making our community safer for animals and people.

Joe and I have been members in good standing with the American Boarding Kennel Association since 1984. The ABKA is an organization dedicated to the betterment of Commercial boarding Kennelís. They keep us informed on viruses, vaccines, stress management, foods and anything else that might aid us in making boarding better for our customers and their pets."

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